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With the countless hours we have poured into knowing competetive gaming and esports during the course of our lives, Spirifex Esport was most definitely born out of our most intrinsic of interests and passions.

The world of esports is growing exponentially every year, with more players joining our universe across all platforms, growing the number of tournaments, LAN events, prize pools and crowds wanting to watch their favorite teams compete. Yet surprisingly few esport organizations are able to deliver a professional platform and setup, for other companies to get into esports, be it via product branding, sponsorships, ads or networking. The choices are few and scarce…

With our team’s evergrowing skillset, business experience and our ability to deliver a professional platform, you can rest assured that we will be doing our best to be the best. Spirifex Esport is here to stay and to deliver the best gateway for companies to get their feet through the door, to the world of esports.

The future is here, and you are going to want to be first in.