Dawn of a new era

We are proud and happy to announce the arrival of the new Danish CS:GO organization, Spirifex Esport.

Spirifex is a project that has been in the making for almost a year. Late 2016, four guys who knew each other from high school in Roskilde, Denmark joined forces in their shared fondness of the CS:GO video game.

With backgrounds in business, finance, marketing, and accounting, however, the guys bring much more than just the love of ‘the beautiful game’. Besides their knowledge of the game, they also bring the business skills that are needed to run a professional organization, and make sure that the players are performing to the best of their ability, that fans get an amazing experience, and that sponsors receive the attention and product they desire.

The Spirifex Hive

Without an organization, there is no team. Without a team, there are no players. Without players, there are no fans. Without fans, there are no sponsors. Or is it no players, no fans? The key is that all of the above are reciprocally dependent on each other. We think that is extremely important to understand, and therefore never make a decision without thinking about the Spirifex Hive, our own ecosystem of stakeholders, and how our actions will affect the reciprocally dependent relationships that are in our environment. This all sounds very fancy, but in the end, there are just three simple factors we need to pay attention to.

We strive to create a professional environment. The players should not have to worry about poor contracts, arrangements or an unstable environment. The players should only need to focus on what players need to focus on: play CS:GO. And should they do that well, the fans will have the incentive to follow us. So what should we give our fans?

We need to give our fans an amazing experience. CS:GO is a spectator sport, and like all other sports, fans do not stick around if they are not treated well or do not get an attractive  experience. We want to serve our fans by providing them great games, great player access, and great content. Like any other sports team, we are nothing without our fans, who do not only give us great support but also provide us the commercial tool to success.

We want to increase sponsor awareness. Too often sponsors are simply seen as necessary evils that are only endured so they can be an easy source of money. But sponsors are so much more than that. We want to make our sponsors our valuable partners. They are a resource to us, and we are a resource to them. Together both parties can be brought to the next level, as we get the support to aim for the top, while we make sure that our fans and the e-sports community know not only the names of our sponsors, but also why these sponsors can make a valuable contribution to their lives and e-sports experience.

Together, in the Spirifex Hive, we are stronger and create better players, better content for fans, and better products for the sponsors. This is our aim for the coming period, and all of the Spirifex management team hope that you will join us, as we embark on this exciting journey.

Frederik Winther, Partner
Andreas Lundgreen, Partner
Daniel Krooswijk, Partner
Christian Svendsen, Partner