We are sad to announce a major change in the roster after only a month under the Spirifex name.

It is no secret that our results over the last couple of weeks have been less than satisfying. While immediate results were never a priority for us, it was clear to us that the team needed to have an internal discussion of each individual player’s performance, as well as their goals of being a part of Spirifex.

Following this discussion, a mutual agreement was reached to terminate the contract with Emil ‘Messias’ Søndergaard. In addition to this, we have decided to bench Victor ‘Brathe Ø’ Grandt. Both changes are with immediate effect.

While this choice was not an easy one, we believe that getting new players into the roster will get the team the extra 10% we need to reach our common goals.

We thank Messias for his continued efforts while playing for Spirifex and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Messias has been professional and well liked throughout his time at Spirifex, and we hope that he is able to achieve his goals elsewhere.

Zypath, Mankz, Coronaz, and our coach Anakin will now spend the coming weeks trying new constellations of players, and we, in the management team, look forward to announcing our new 5-man CS:GO lineup very soon.

Our focus will remain on working our way up the ESEA ranks, with the clear goal of playing ESEA Main next season, despite these changes. Anakin will act as a playing coach in the transitioning period and we are lucky to have Clemenzo ready to play in these next crucial matches.

We thank you all for following our journey and hope that you will support us and the guys in our efforts to get back on track.

– Spirifex Management Team