We are proud to announce that we have a complete roster once again after having signed Jonas ‘Queenix’ Dideriksen and Simon ‘cleMeNz0’ Jensen to Spirifex.

Having made major changes in the roster in November, it was important for us that we did not rush the process of finding new players, but instead chose carefully the newest additions to the team. In our search, we stressed not only talent but also how the new players would fit into the rest of the team, both tactically and socially.

After trying different constellations of players, we decided to sign our long-time, loyal stand-in, cleMeNz0, as well as Queenix, who impressed us all with his skill and competitive mindset, and who is already a well known player in the Nordic scene after his Gamerz Season 1 victory.

Statement from Coach Lasse ‘Anakin’ Hansen:

“We are incredibly happy to present Simon & Jonas as a part of the Spirifex roster. We have been looking for players who can take responsibility, and who have an X-factor, which we believe we have found in the two. Jonas is an intelligent player, who manages to consistently turn bad rounds upside down and secure clutch wins. He also manages to set up the other guys in situations, which enables us to win more rounds.

Simon is our new Joker. Like Jonas, Simon is very good at setting his teammates up in favorable matchups, and creates a dynamic to the team which makes us more unpredictable. Simon will also occasionally be seen with an AWP, as he will function as the secondary Sniper – giving us even more unpredictable setups to choose from.”

As such, the Spirifex Roster now consists of:

  • Daniel ‘Zypath’ Jørgensen
  • Nemanja ‘Coronaz’ Mitrovic
  • Marcus ‘Mankz’ Kjeldsen
  • Jonas ‘Queenix’ Dideriksen
  • Simon ‘Clemenz0’ Jensen
  • Lasse ‘Anakin’ Hansen (coach)

We are eager to start our new adventure with the completed roster. The guys will already see their first real action at Geeks Gone Wild (GGW) in Aalborg this weekend from the 12th to 14th January 2018, where we will be competing for the DKK 100.000 first prize. Stay tuned on our social media for status updates, results and live streams!


As usual, we thank you all for following our adventure, and hope that you will join us in welcoming our new players! #EnterSpirifex

– Spirifex Management Team