Spirifex Esport are proud to announce the signing of the former team KaosKlan.

Since the founding of the Spirifex organization, we have been searching for a team to represent us on the CS:GO scene. Being located in what is arguably the most talented CS:GO country in the world, there were plenty of teams to choose from, but for Spirifex it was not only important to have a talented team but also to find the right personal fit. That is where KaosKlan entered the Spirifex Hive.

We chose KaosKlan after a long process, during which we also had a dialogue with several other teams. However, we found KaosKlan to be the right match for us, both because of the sheer talent that is on the team, but also because of the stability of their roster. Further, we quickly realized that we shared the same ambitions and understanding for where we want to bring the Spirifex project.

We believe that the guys have the potential to get very far, both on the Danish scene but most importantly on the international one. The charisma, team spirit, and strong work ethic were also large contributing factors to why we chose to sign KaosKlan, which we also believe is shown in the before-mentioned stability of the team.

Quote, Zypath: ”The Kaos era has ended, and we now enter a partnership with a new and very interesting organisation. We had a bunch of other offers that was “Just like everyone else”, but the guys behind Spirifex seemed extremely professional and we had a good connection from the first meeting. We are super happy, that we can now focus on what we love – play Counter-Strike – and hopefully take our game to the next level.”

In the short run we expect to become a solid part of the Danish top 10, and have agreed with the team that they will play for us for a good bit of time, which gives them the time and space to get used to their new environment and integrate Nemanja ‘Coronaz’ Mitrovic into the core 5. Daniel ‘Zypath’ Jørgensen is now also able to fully focus on what he is best at, while we take care of all the practicalities.

All of the original KaosKlan team stay on board, and will from today’s date play under the ’Spirifex’ logo and name. The Spirifex team will consist of:


  • Daniel ‘Zypath’ Jørgensen
  • Nemanja ‘Coronaz’ Mitrovic
  • Victor ‘Brathe Ø’ Grandt
  • Emil ‘Messias’ Søndergaard
  • Marcus ‘Mankz’ Kjeldsen
  • Lasse ‘Anakin’ Hansen (coach)